Conservatorship update: Judge approves Britney’s request for new counsel!

OMG Army!! Just a few minutes ago, Judge Penny approved Britney’s request to hire Loeb & Loeb LLP as an associated counsel to support Britney during the upcoming proceedings against her father. Of course, she also overruled Jamie’s objections.

In that objection, Jamie claimed that “he acknowledges that litigation is extremely expensive and has asked for a meet and confer to explore alternatives regarding the issue of co-conservator”. Again, it was DENIED!

This is huge news because Britney now has a bigger team to fight Jamie. As it was stated in previous court docs, Ingham “is a sole practittioner who does not specialize in discovery, law and motion, or trial work”, and since Jamie evidently wants to ignore all of Britney’s requests and fight in court, Ingham is going to need help.

Here’s the full court doc with the approval: