The official acapella version of “Hard To Forget Ya” leakes!

Here’s the full official acapella version of Britney’s song “Hard To Forget Ya”. It sounds amzing!


Source: Britney Online

Glory’s Vocal Stems leakes!

Here are the vocal steams from Glory that leaked early today. This new leak includes:

  • Do You Wanna Come Over (Lead Vocals)
  • Make Me (Demo Vocals)
  • Just Luv Me (Demo Vocals)
  • Love Me Down (Adlibs)
  • Better (Adlibs)
  • Slumber Party (Lead Vocals/Adlibs & Unused Vocals)
  • Liar (Adlibs & Unused Vocals)
  • Hard To Forget Ya (Demo Vocals)
  • Change Your Mind (Raw Vocals)

We can’t wait to hear the full tracks! (Let’s hope they leak soon)


Site update: We are back!

Hello army! How are you? As I told you on twitter a few weeks ago, I had the CRAZIEST, BUSIEST (and sometimes depressing) end of the year so I literally had no time to touch the PC. So while Britney was MIA, I used that time to focus on my university exams, personal problems and more. But I’m finally on vacation so I’ll update the site more often.

Anyway, as you may noiced XRAY was always updated thanks to our amazing team so you can find all the new pictures there (candids, leaked outtakes and even lots of old photos), so don’t forget to check it out.


See you around!

Robbie Williams reveals he wanted to work with Britney on his upcoming Christmas album

Robbie Williams is bussy promoting his upcoming christmas album, the Christmas Present, and during an interview with Vice he revealed that he tried to do a collab with Britney but that it wasn’t possible because she’s not working.

Here’s what he said:

The only thing he wasn’t able to do on the album is “Fairytale of New York”. “I wanted to do it with Britney Spears, but she’s not working, unfortunately,” he says to my face like it’s nothing. Like that’s just a normal and not world-altering piece of information that will haunt me for the rest of my life.


Such a shame! We missed a an amazing duet!

Britney attends the Daytime Beauty Awards

Yesterday, Britney attended the 2nd Annual Daytime Beauty Awards where Sam received an award for Outstanding Achievement in Fitness.

Britney posed for the photographers on the red carpet but apparently she felt uncomfortable and left the event shortly after. Here’s a video by TMZ.

Anyway, she looked gorgeous! Check out all the pics in XRAY.

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Jamie removed as Britney’s conservator

It’s official… Jamie is no longer Britney’s conservator. The judge approved his request and named Jodi Montgomery as a temporary conservator until January 20, 2020. It was Jamie who chose Jodi as his replacement because she is Brit’s long-time “care-manager”.

Jodi will have:

  1. The power to restrict or limit visitors by any means.
  2. The power to retain caretakers and security for Britney on a 24-hour basis.
  3. The power to prosecute civil harassment restraining orders.
  4. The power to communicate with expert medical personnel regarding Britney and to have full access to her medical and psychiatric records.

Something important to mention is that there are reports of Jodi being accused of conservatorship abuse in the past, so that’s worrying.

But there’s something even more important: Next week hearing, on September 18, where they will be discussing the investigation over the conservatorship.

Britney’s doctor has died

If you think nothing could surprise you anymore on Brit’s conservatorship case, then think again. TMZ reports that Dr. Timothy Benson, Britney’s doctor, suddenly died in Santa Monica on August 24. The cause of death has not been disclosed, but sources told TMZ that he died from an aneurysm.

Benson was responsible for Britney’ medical treatment and he died just weeks before the judge will receive a report focusing on whether she was receiving appropriate treatment or not.

You want one more twisted detail? He died on th same day as Jamie attacked Preston.

We hope this doesn’t affect the investigation.

Lynne Spears fights back at Jamie’s request to be temporarily removed as Britney’s conservator

As we told you before, Jamie requested the judge to be temporarily removed as Britney’s conservator and he asked for a hearing expedited to next Monday. Of course, Britney wont attend the hearing because she is “able but unwilling” to attend (according to Jamie’s legal docs).

But now, Lynne’s lawyer, Gladstone Jones, confirmed to TMZ that he and Lynne will be in court next week for Jamie’s hearing! (It looks like the rest of the article is sponsored by Jamie and his team lol)


Go Lynne!!

Jamie Spears asks to temporarily step down as Brintey’s conservator

Another day, antother way to delay the investigation drama. Several months after being hospitalized and from being so close to death that Britney had to be admitted to a mental health facility to help her cope with the trauma, Jamie asked the judge to be temporarily removed as Britney’s conservator due to “personal health reasons”.

Yeah, it’s not a bad joke. He did requested the change and also appointed a new person to replace him until January 2020. Here’s the full report by TMZ

Jamie Spears wants out as his daughter’s conservator, at least through January 20, 2020.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ, Jamie is asking “to temporarily relinquish the powers of conservatorship … due to personal health reasons.”

Jamie wants a temporary conservator … Jodi Montgomery, whom he describes as Britney’s care manager over the last year … who he says has the ability to take on the responsibilities.

As we reported, Jamie’s team believed Kevin Federline and/or Lynne Spears might try and challenge his conservatorship, in the wake of the criminal investigation regarding Jamie’s confrontation with Britney’s 13-year-old son, Sean.

According to the docs, Jamie is asking the judge to give Montgomery the same powers he has, which includes —

The power to restrict or limit visitors by any means.
The power to retain caretakers and security for Britney on a 24-hour basis.
The power to prosecute civil harassment restraining orders.
The power to communicate with expert medical personnel regarding Britney and to have full access to her medical and psychiatric records.
Montgomery has already consented to act as the temporary conservator.

Jamie wants a hearing expedited to next Monday. He also indicated Britney is “able but unwilling” to attend the hearing. He also says she does not want to contest the proceeding and does not object to temporarily appointing Montgomery as conservator.

Jamie has battled intestinal issues for nearly a year and was in serious condition late last year. His colon had ruptured and he underwent multiple surgeries.


Funnily enough, he was capable of working as the sole conservator of Britney during his health problems but now, all of sudden he’s too sick to do it. It’s not related at all with the child abuse case, it’s impossible.

And the worst thing? This is 2008 all over again. Britney will not attend court because, according to Jamie, she doesn’t want to and she’s ok with the change. Weird.

In our opinion, he’s just trying to delay the investigation against him and the conservatorship and, of course, we think he would do anything to avoid losing control over Britney. He loves the power it gives him. Let’s hope the judge can see the truth.

Britney’s Sons Granted Restraining Order Against Jamie Spears

HOLY FUCKING SH*T!!! The court has granted Sean Preston and Jayden James a restraining order against Jamie Spears after the child abuse incident. The restraining order was filed by Kevin on behalf of his children.

The sad thing about this? Britney has lost her custodial rights (Kevin now has 90% of it) and the kids can’t stay overnight with her.  Yes, that’s right. Her father abuses one of her sons and she’s the one affected by the incident. Unbelievable

Here’s the full report by The Blast

Britney Spears’ two sons have been granted a restraining order against their grandfather Jamie Spears, barring him from contact with the kids.

According to documents filed in Los Angeles County, Kevin Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent-Kaplan, demanded the kids be protected from Jaime.

The domestic violence restraining order was filed by Federline, on behalf of his children, following the incident of their grandfather allegedly abusing 13-year-old Sean.

We’re told the documents were filed in the ongoing custody case between the two, with a slew of stipulations put forth by Federline and his attorneys, and Britney’s team agreed to all of the demands and terms of protection for the kids.

The documents give Federline full legal custody of both boys. Britney will need all her visitation with the children to be monitored, and Jaime can no longer be the monitor.

We’re told, it was agreed that another adult would be present, who has been approved by Federline and the court.

Britney will not have any overnight visits, and Federline will now have around 90% physical custody.

The stunning developments come after an incident where Jaime Spears allegedly broke down a door and “violently shook” 13-year-old Sean after an argument between the two.

In the immediate aftermath of the incident, we’re told Britney took her children away from Jamie and eventually gave them to Federline for the night.

Federline filed a police report against Jaime the next day, and investigators for the Sheriff’s Department submitted the case to the Ventura County District Attorney’s office for possible criminal child abuse charges.