Britney’s new single “Swimming In The Stars” is now available!

Britney’s latest single “Swimming In The Stars“, a scrapped song from Glory which is now included in the new re-release of the album, is now available on all streaming and digital platfroms.

The song is N°1 in several countries and it’s currently at N°5 on US iTunes so don’t forget to buy the song!



Court hearing recap: Bessemer Trust appointed as Co-conservator

Many things happened in today’s court hearing but the most important new is that Bessemer Trust has been appointed as Co-Conservator of Britney’s estate. Sadly, Judge Penny has decided not to suspend Jamie as conservator, so he remains in control alongside Bessemer. The good news is that the judge said she would consider future petitions for his suspension or outright removal inthe future and Inghman also made clear that he intends to file a petition to remove Jamie. So this is far from being over.

Lynne Spears was also “present”at the hearing and said that she wants Jamie removed and Bessemer to be appointed as sole conservator. She also said that she wishes Britney to “wake up tomorrow and see brighter days”.

And also, Britney has not spoken to Jamie in a very long time because Ingham told him that he wasn’t allowed to do it. Clearly, Britney doesn’t want to have any kind of relationship with her father.

Ingham also called her a “high-functioning conservatee” who deserves at least notice of the actions her father is taking, which he has declined to provide.

The hearing is to be continued on December 16 so the fight continues.


Britney is afraid of her father

Samuel Ingham, Britney’s court appointed lawyer, told the judge that Britney is afraid of Jamie, her father and conservator of her estate and that she refuses to work as long as he remains in control of her estate.

Weirdly enough, Judge Penny declined to suspend Jamie immediately. So Brit’s still under the control of someone she’s afraid of. Unbelievable.

“My client has stated to me on many occasions that she is afraid of her father. She has also stated to me many times that she will not work as long as her father is in control of her career” – Samuel Ingham


Britney Spears is not a racehorse

In today’s court hearing, Lynne’s lawyer told the judge that when she asked Jamie for a particular document, his answer was: “Britney is like a racehorse and needs to be handled as one”.

We just wanna say this… Britney is not a racehorse, she is a human and she does not deserve to be under the control of someone who compares her with a racehorse. It doesnt matter how famous she is, she is still a human. It’s absolutely unbelievable that someone who thinks like that is in control of every aspect of Brit’s life.

This is absolutely disgusting.

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Lou Taylor used Britney’s money to sue a FreeBritney supporter

Just as we suspected, in a new court filing Samuel Ingham said that Lou Taylor used Britney’s money to sue a FreeBritney supporter. Of course, this was done without Britney’s knowledge and consent. They are now asking for the attorneys’ fees to be audited by someone who’s not related with Jamie.

In this new filing, they are also objecting Lou and TriStar the 260% raise that Jamie gave them last year, again, without Brit’s knowledge and consent.

You can read the full court doc here but here are some parts of it:

During the account period, BRITNEY paid SIDLEY AUSTIN LLP (“SI DLEY”) in excess of $350,000.00 in attorneys’ fees and costs. All of these fees and costs are identified on The Accounting as “Lutfi v. Spears”. (…)

SIDLEY also represented LOU TAYLOR, CEO of TRI STAR, personally during 2019. A copy of a “cease and desist letter” dated June 3, 2019 sent by SIDLEY on Ms. TAYLOR’s behalf is attached as Exhibit “C” and incorporated by this reference. SIDLEY billed the cost of this letter to BRITNEY on its statement dated August 9, 2019 referenced to “Sam Lutfi v. Andrew Wallet, as Co-Conservator”. The fee was paid by one of BRITNEY’s entities during the account period.


But Lou Taylor only resigned because she was getting major death threats… Sure. Funny how she used Britney’s money to sue a fan because he said Lou was using Britney’s money.


Britney wants Jamie removed as conservator immediately!

A few days ago, Jamie’s lawyers asked Ingham to clarify if Britney wanted Bessemer to serve as a sole conservator or as a co-conservator alongoside Jamie. Her answer was pretty clear: She wants Bessemer to serve as sole conservator of her estate.

And even “better”: In the same court docs, Ingham asks for the court to suspend Jamies Spears immediately stating Britney and her estate “will suffer loss and injury” if it is not granted. She doesn’t even want him in control of her estate until Besemer’s appointment as sole conservator. That says a LOT.

You can read the full documents here but here are a few key parts of it:

“BRITNEY wishes to have BESSEMER TRUST COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA, N.A. (“BESSEMER TRUST”) serve as sole conservator of her estate on the grounds set forth below.”

“The suggestion that JAMES will hold onto 11 BRITNEY’s assets even after BESSEMER TRUST is appointed gives rise 12 to a very serious concern as to the safety of BRITNEY’s estate.”

The October 28 letter is a blatant attempt by JAMES to retain full functional control of her assets, books and records in the face of BRITNEY’s objections, TRISTAR’s resignation and the appointment of BESSEMER TRUST. His simple litigation strategy is to introduce a new gatekeeper who admittedly has a major working relationship with his legal team. It is now obvious that any effort to create a viable working relationship between and among BRITNEY, BESSEMER TRUST and JAMES would be doomed to failure even without the added stress of litigating BRITNEY’s objections to the Account. Therefore, BRITNEY will be filing a petition to remove JAMES a conservator of the estate,”

“It is therefore necessary and in her best interests that this Court make the following orders pursuant to Probate Code §2654:

a. Suspending JAMES immediately upon the appointment of BESSEMER TRUST as sole conservator of BRITNEY’s estate; and

b. Directing JAMES, TRISTAR and MICHAEL KANE to deliver the entire conservatorship estate together with all books and records forthwith to BESSEMER TRUST as sole conservator of the estate.”



Breaking news: Lou Taylor RESIGNS!

Big day for the #FREEBRITNEY campaign, people! Lou Taylor has resigned as Britney’s business manager! The resignation was on October 28th and Britney wasn’t informed about it. When the ship sinks, the rats flee lol

However, Jamie continues to act like an ass. According to new court docs, Ingham not only claims that neither Jamie nor Lou informed Britney of the resignation, but also that Jamie hired someone new without giving notice about it to Britney. And even worse, Britney doesn’t know the terms of their agreement so she doens’t know how much he’s being paid…WITH HER OWN MONEY! The court docs says:

“The October 28 letter states that TRISTAR SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (“TRISTAR”) has resigned as BRITNEY’S business manager without prior notice to BRITNEY. Although no effective date is mentioned, the October 28 Letter does represent that “TriStar cannot wait to effectuate this change until the process of putting Bessemer in place as co-conservator is complete …. ”

“The October 28 letter further states that JAMES has retained MICHAEL KANE of MILLER KAPLAN to serve as business manager, effective Sunday, November 1, 2020. Mr. KANE was selected by JAMES without prior notice to BRITNEY. As result, there was no opportunity either for Mr. KANE to be interviewed or for alternatives to be considered. There is no indication as to any of the terms of his engagement by JAMES, including his compensation.”

Full court document here:


Too many things happening for a simple conspiracy theory, right? Lou Taylor, now it’s time to go to the light and see Jesus. We still hope that she is investigated for all the things she did.

Jamie Spears wants to hire more lawyers… And pay them with Britney’s money!

In a new episode of “Get a Job, Jamie”, Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, wants to hire more lawyers to go against Britney’s wishes and what’s more, he’s asking the judge for permission TO PAY THEM WITH BRITNEY’S MONEY!

Yes, this comes from the same person who, just a few weeks ago, said that Britney’s request to hire Loeb Firm as a litigation counsel “should be denied because it would be too expensive for Britney”.

Britney Spears Ended Megyn Kelly Before Megyn Kelly Ended Herself
Seriously, somebody needs to stop him because he’s out of control. The sad thing is that this will probably be approved by the judge, which is UNBELIEVABLE and it should be illegal! It should be illegal that Britney has to pay both parties to this litigation. How’s that even possible?! Dont forget that he already spent more than $1,2M of Brit’s money on attorney’s fees in 2019.

This is not about Britney’s well being and what’s best for her anymore, Jamie clearly doesn’t want to lose control over her and her money. And that’s conservatorship abuse. This has to stop.

Here are the new court docs:


New “Blackout” outtake! (Updated with another outtake!)

Here’s a new and incredible outtake by Ellen Von Unwerth for Blackout! It was leaked by BritneySVault so if you don’t follow that account, do it now! The photo is already uploaded on XRAY, go check it out.

UPDATE: To celebrate Blackout’s anniversary, Ellen Von Unwerth shared another previously unseen outtake on her instagram account. What can we say? This shoot is one of Brit’s best shoos ever.

Conservatorship update: Judge approves Britney’s request for new counsel!

OMG Army!! Just a few minutes ago, Judge Penny approved Britney’s request to hire Loeb & Loeb LLP as an associated counsel to support Britney during the upcoming proceedings against her father. Of course, she also overruled Jamie’s objections.

In that objection, Jamie claimed that “he acknowledges that litigation is extremely expensive and has asked for a meet and confer to explore alternatives regarding the issue of co-conservator”. Again, it was DENIED!

This is huge news because Britney now has a bigger team to fight Jamie. As it was stated in previous court docs, Ingham “is a sole practittioner who does not specialize in discovery, law and motion, or trial work”, and since Jamie evidently wants to ignore all of Britney’s requests and fight in court, Ingham is going to need help.

Here’s the full court doc with the approval: