Tony Martinez talks about how Britney got back in shape

During her performance at the Billboard Music Awards (And during her shows in Vegas), Britney showed her amazing body shape and now Tony Martinez, her personal trainer, spoke with Daily Mail about how Brit shed the pounds and got her body back.


Two years ago Tony prepared Britney for her ongoing Las Vegas residency which kicked off December 2013.
Britney wanted to be as toned as possible for her Vegas shows, which she accomplished with ‘intense’ workouts three to four times a week for 40 minutes.
Tony revealed: ‘She loves all core workouts. She’s a very tenacious women. She wants to get it done and get it done right.’
What are some of Britney’s favourite core exercises? Tony explained: ‘We use my core discs.
‘Core discs are little circle things that I had made up for my product and we use those for a lot of ab workouts. We use those for mountain climbers, will do a barrel role tuck in where you turn around all the way over and then you bring your knees in. So really functional exercises that she likes, and she’s like, “I really feel this.”‘
Tony also helped the singer clean up her diet to compensate with her grueling workouts.

He explained: ‘I pretty much just wanted her to balance out her proteins, carbs, and fat. Everything pretty balanced in that aspect because she was doing a lot of cardio so I wanted her energy up the whole entire time.
He added: ‘She loves to run, but I would make her go backwards.
‘She’s like “I’m gonna go backwards?'”I’d be like “Yeah let’s go on the treadmill and walk backwards.” She’d be like, “I could lose my hamstrings and my glutes. What are you doing to me!?”‘
Tony also revealed the singer’s ‘hidden’ talent, saying: ‘She’s a very very very good tennis player.
‘She hit the ball 108 times nonstop until I hit the ball in the net and she was like, “Are you kidding me!?”, I’m like, “I’m sorry.” So I messed it up!”

The trainer also dished on Britney’s softer side, adding: ‘She’s just like a regular person. Really nice, just really sweet girl.
‘She just has a great sense of humor. She’s just funny and likes to crack jokes.’