Rumor: Britney filed a petition to end the Conservatorship!

According to a now-delted article by TMZ, Sam Ingham, on behalf of Britney, filed a petition before court to end the conservatorship! The article was deleted in less than five minutes but it said that the petition was filed on Tuesday afternoon.

Shortly after, Marjorie Hernandez, Justice Editor of US Weekly, also confirmed the news on her twitter account.

Maybe TMZ posted the article too early or by mistake? We don’t know what happened and that’s the only information we have so far so let’s just cross our fingers and hope it’s true. Britney deserves her freedom and does not deserve to be under an abusive conservatorship.





UPDATE: It looks like the petition was prepared but not filed yet. Let’s see what happens tomorrow morning! The good thing is that sources confirms the petition to terminate the conservatorship is ready to be filed!