Poll: What song should be the next single of “Glory”?

PopCrush is asking what song should be the next single of “Glory”. So vote now!

It’s a Glory-ous time to be alive.

With The Legendary Miss Britney Spears in full-on #GloryPromo mode — from Carpool Karaoke to TODAY to getting Haute Coutureney in Marie Claire — there truly hasn’t been a Spearitual era more eventful and fulfilling in well over a decade.

And while “Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)” continues to enjoy a post-MTV VMAs bump, it’s never too early to start looking ahead at what’s next.

But choosing a second single from Glory is a not-so-obvious call — she’s got plenty of viable options to keep her oooh-ing.

Is Brit’s best bet to continue down the vibe-y path with something like “Just Luv Me”? Or maybe grab the pillows for a “Slumber Party”? Maybe it’s time to up the BPM and go for something more hard-edged, like “Love Me Down”? Perhaps we’ll get a starry-eyed “Man On The Moon” moment? Does not-that-innocent instant grat “Do You Wanna Come Over?” deserve the full single treatment? Or should B’s team align their chakras and follow the tell-tale sign of the memes and go with “If I’m Dancing”? Or, should she just go ahead and slay the French market with “Coupure “Électrique”?

It’s time to decide. Don’t change your mind, and no seas cortés either. Vote below — yes or no, but no maybes.