New fragrance out now: Glitter Fantasy

New year, new fragrance because… Why not? Britney’s team has just released a new fragrance called Glitter Fantasy. It’s unclear if it will be made available for purchase in the US but so far it looks like it’s not on sale.

“This sparkling scent glimmers with twists of sophistication. Flirtatious red fruits mingle with a radiant floral bouquet. Seductive woods and enveloping musks glisten for a moment of surprise and delight.”

Top notes: Red Fruits

Middle notes: Floral notes

Base notes: Wood & Musk


And there’s also a new official promotional photo for the perfume but… I don’t wanna be mean but that’s not Britney and/or it’s a REALLY BAD photoshop edition. Look at her face, her mouth! I’m sorry but it’s terrible.