New court docs: Britney to pay over 2 million to her and Jamie’s lawyers

We already know that Jamie Spears loves his daughter *eye roll* but you know what else he loves about her? HER MONEY. And it looks like it was pay day for Team Conservatorship!

These new court docs show that Britney will have to pay over $2 million to her lawyers, Jamie’s lawyers and Lou Taylor’s lawyers. Basically, Britney’s funding a legal battle against herself. No one pays anything but Britney.

Here’s what they’re requesting:

  • Jamie Spears: He requests to be paid $16,000 a month for being the conservator of her estate, plus $2,000 a month for an office he uses for his activities as her conservator from November 2019 to February 2021, so he wants $288,000. $288,000 TO THE MAN WHO ABUSED ONE OF BRITNEY’S SONS, let’s not forget about that.
  • Jamie’s lawyers: Of course Jamie is not gonna pay to his attorneys with his own money, so he’s also asking that The Freeman Firm / “the Jerylls” be paid $574,625.19 with Britney’s money.
  • Vivian Lee Thoreen from Holland & Knight (Jamie’s lawyers): The “Britney loves his daddy” lawyer wants $893,751.41 and also wants to authorize another payment in the amount of $164,278.05 (she only rejoined Jamie’s legal team five months ago). The worst thing about this, is that she charged for media relations and even mentioned the Framing Britney Spears documentary. So basically Britney’s paying for Vivian’s promo tour to defend Jamie on tv, to say that she loves his daddy.
  • Russ August & Kabat: Jamie also wants to pay to two law firms who may have been involved in charging Lou Taylor’s personal legal fees to Britney’s estate in 2019. They are asking to receive $175,541 and $364,641 respectively
  • Samuel Ingham: Britney’s court-appointed lawyers requests $378,333 from her estate
  • Loeb & Loeb (the attorneys hired to help Sam Ingham litigate Britney’s case): they requested a payment of $238,272
  • Jodi Montgomery (Britney’s new conservator): She requested $221,090 in fees for herself, plus $65,465 for her attorney fees.

That’s A LOT of money for 16 months. For legal battle against herself because Jamie Spears doesn’t want to give up the power and money he gets at Britney’s expense. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE. This is why they keep delying everything indefinitely, they are making a fortune by doing it. If this isn’t abuse, I don’t know what it is. And let’s not forget that Britney does not qualify to be in a conservatorship, she is only in it because she is a millionaire and because she generates millions doing absolotely nothing. Let’s end the conservatrship abuse once and for all.

And now you know why, all of the sudden, there’s a post on Brintey’s instagram talking about the Framing Britney Spears documentary. Don’t be fooled by Jamie’s team… Britney does not have access to her social media accounts. That post was just a distraction for the media.

You can find all the docs here: