“Make Me” original video scrapped because of the sponsors?

We have new information about “Make Me” original video directed by David LaChepelle, but keep in mind it’s not official. Just rumors and information given by “insiders”. A few days ago, according to a rumor, Britney’s team was in contact with David, trying to find a way to release the video. It now seems that the video wasn’t released because Britney had problems with the sponsors and they requested to edit some parts of the video, but David refused and they released the official version instead.

Somene from PopJustice said “The original video might be coming guys. Apparently RCA/team Britney has been in communication with David today. That’s all I know.”

And later added “Alright guys, I have a somewhat more detailed update regarding the original version of the video. Like stated yesterday, there has been some communication made with David, but the main obstacle is RCA/Sony and the advertisers. Britney’s team is having a difficult time getting the video released in any capacity unless 1. David is willing to make adjustments to the product placement OR 2. Sony/RCA and the advertisers are ok with dropping the product placement in that version.

In the final edit of David’s video Britney is seen throwing the television out the window with the Orange Theory ad still on, which is being seen as a way of mocking the brand. EOS is also not pleased with how their product was integrated into the video.

So it all comes down to marketing unfortunately. Had they not used these brands to fund the project I’m guessing none of this would have spiraled out of control.”

Other people said that RCA/Sony Music intends to sue David LaChepelle if he did not agree to withdraw some parts of the first video, as requested by the sponsors. And deleting that scenes is the only way to release the video.

And last but not least, the PopJustice insider also said “Like I said in my original post, I can’t really say more but I do promise I’m not playing with you guys. That doesn’t mean the video is100% coming, but that her label is trying to do what they can to fix it.

So don’t think the fans’ complaints haven’t been heard”

So, the problem with the original video was that he sponsors weren’t happy with the final result… Funny, right? We have seen the scenes of Britney throwing the TV out the window, but we haven’t seen the scenes that caused the EOS’ complaints…

We really hope they reach an agreement because it would be a shame if this is true… We mean, a video scrapped by the sponsors? C’mon! But being honest, the release of David’s video seems more and more impossible.