Lou Taylor used Britney’s money to sue a FreeBritney supporter

Just as we suspected, in a new court filing Samuel Ingham said that Lou Taylor used Britney’s money to sue a FreeBritney supporter. Of course, this was done without Britney’s knowledge and consent. They are now asking for the attorneys’ fees to be audited by someone who’s not related with Jamie.

In this new filing, they are also objecting Lou and TriStar the 260% raise that Jamie gave them last year, again, without Brit’s knowledge and consent.

You can read the full court doc here but here are some parts of it:

During the account period, BRITNEY paid SIDLEY AUSTIN LLP (“SI DLEY”) in excess of $350,000.00 in attorneys’ fees and costs. All of these fees and costs are identified on The Accounting as “Lutfi v. Spears”. (…)

SIDLEY also represented LOU TAYLOR, CEO of TRI STAR, personally during 2019. A copy of a “cease and desist letter” dated June 3, 2019 sent by SIDLEY on Ms. TAYLOR’s behalf is attached as Exhibit “C” and incorporated by this reference. SIDLEY billed the cost of this letter to BRITNEY on its statement dated August 9, 2019 referenced to “Sam Lutfi v. Andrew Wallet, as Co-Conservator”. The fee was paid by one of BRITNEY’s entities during the account period.


But Lou Taylor only resigned because she was getting major death threats… Sure. Funny how she used Britney’s money to sue a fan because he said Lou was using Britney’s money.