Larry Rudolph says that Britney’s new album is 80% done!

Well, this is EXCITING! In a new interview with Las Vegas Sun Larry Rudolph said that Britney’s new album is 80% done and this album is her favorite album that she has ever done.

He also confirms that Britney is meeting with The Weeknd to work on the album and that she has done “a lot of writing on the album”. According to him people will absolutely love it and she sounds amazing on it. The new album is not titled yet because it isn’t finished.

And talking about taking the Piece Of Me show overseas, he said that now there isn’t territorial restrictions on Brit’s contract with PH and that Britney will like to do festivals to promote the album and the residency, like the Rock In Rio. They MIGHT consider doing some international performances (He mentions Asia and Europe) but nothing is concrete at all.

At least for now, her last Piece Of Me show in Vegas is on December 31st, 2017.

Listen the full interview here.