Jodi Montgomery Requests a Guardian Ad Litem for Britney

Jodi Montgomery, Britney’s temporary conservator, has filed a petition asking the court to appoint Britney a guardian ad litem for the limited purpose of helping her retain an attorney of her own choice! She also asks that Britney not be evaluated again to determine her capacity.

This is actually big and good news for Britney! It looks like Jodi is finally trying to help Britney.


But that’s not all… She has also wants to use Britney’s money to pay for her 24/7 security because after the June 23 hearing, she received many death threats and she cannot afford that expense. Of course, Britney always ends up paying for everything. You know, thousands and thousands of dollars a month is not enough to pay for a security service *eye roll*. Oh and they can ruin Britney’s life but they cannot take accountability for their actions and they are not brave enough to face the backlash from the GP.

And last but not least, she presented text messages that shows Britney wants her as her conservator, something that’s 100% expected and obvious because if she resigns, Jamie will be appointed as conservator again and we know that that is even worse than Jodi. So don’t worry about that, it’s a smart move.