Jamie Spears wants to hire more lawyers… And pay them with Britney’s money!

In a new episode of “Get a Job, Jamie”, Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, wants to hire more lawyers to go against Britney’s wishes and what’s more, he’s asking the judge for permission TO PAY THEM WITH BRITNEY’S MONEY!

Yes, this comes from the same person who, just a few weeks ago, said that Britney’s request to hire Loeb Firm as a litigation counsel “should be denied because it would be too expensive for Britney”.

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Seriously, somebody needs to stop him because he’s out of control. The sad thing is that this will probably be approved by the judge, which is UNBELIEVABLE and it should be illegal! It should be illegal that Britney has to pay both parties to this litigation. How’s that even possible?! Dont forget that he already spent more than $1,2M of Brit’s money on attorney’s fees in 2019.

This is not about Britney’s well being and what’s best for her anymore, Jamie clearly doesn’t want to lose control over her and her money. And that’s conservatorship abuse. This has to stop.

Here are the new court docs: