Jamie Spears Under Investigation for Allegedly Abusing Preston

I’m honestly speechless about this report. Things are heating up quickly and someone has to stop Jamie once and for all. He’s losing control and clearly he doesn’t like that. I really hope Preston is doing well.

According to a report by The Blast, Jamie Spears (Britney’s father) is currently under investigation for allegations of child abuse after getting into a physical altercation with Sean Preston, Britney’s eldest son. And on Sunday, August 25, Kevin Federline filed a police report against him.

Law enforcement sources would not be specific on the alleged injury, because it related to a minor, but they told The Blast the report states the child was “abused” by Jamie at some point during the singer’s time with the kids.

After the incident, Britney removed the kids away from Jamie and brought them back to her home. Kevin was called later to pick them up and the boys stayed the evening with their father.

The Blast says investigators have since interviewed all parties involved, and in the last 48 hours have submitted the case to Ventura County District Attorney’s Office for charging consideration.

And if that wasn’t enough… It looks like altercation affected Britney’s custodial rights because they have been reduced from 50%-50% to 70%-30% in Kevin’s favor on August 28. This was reported by TMZ.