Jamie removed as Britney’s conservator

It’s official… Jamie is no longer Britney’s conservator. The judge approved his request and named Jodi Montgomery as a temporary conservator until January 20, 2020. It was Jamie who chose Jodi as his replacement because she is Brit’s long-time “care-manager”.

Jodi will have:

  1. The power to restrict or limit visitors by any means.
  2. The power to retain caretakers and security for Britney on a 24-hour basis.
  3. The power to prosecute civil harassment restraining orders.
  4. The power to communicate with expert medical personnel regarding Britney and to have full access to her medical and psychiatric records.

Something important to mention is that there are reports of Jodi being accused of conservatorship abuse in the past, so that’s worrying.

But there’s something even more important: Next week hearing, on September 18, where they will be discussing the investigation over the conservatorship.