ET: “Inside Britney Spears’ Decision to Get Help at Facility”

Here’s another interesting article by ET about Brit’s decision to check herself into a Mental Health Facility. Stay strong Brit!

Britney Spears is taking time out to better manage her emotions.

On Wednesday, a source close to the Spears family told ET that the 37-year-old singer is currently in a facility taking time to care for herself because she’s been under tremendous stress over her father, Jamie Spears’, current health crisis. Spears herself Instagrammed on Wednesday, “We all need to take time for a little ‘me time.’ :),” alongside a message reading, “Fall in Love with taking care of yourself, mind, body, spirit.”

Now, a second source close to Spears tells ET that she’s been having an especially hard time after a shaky start to 2019, and took it upon herself to seek help. In January, Spears announced that she would be taking an indefinite work hiatus, postponing her album and putting her new Britney: Domination show at Park Theater at the Park MGM resort in Las Vegas on hold until further notice, following her father suffering a life-threatening illness. Late last year, Jamie was rushed to the hospital when his colon ruptured. According to a release, he spent 28 days in the hospital, and the family credited the doctors and nurses for saving his life.

“She seems to be on a constant roller coaster and can’t get off,” the source says. “She is finally getting the help she needs.”

“She is the one who finally decided she needed help and made the decision to manage her own emotions,” the source continues. “She finally realized it was affecting her everyday life and even her relationships. She wants to feel better and more relaxed and taking time to focus on herself truly is her only option. It has been a rough year. While those closest to her have encouraged her to get help, she finally decided on her own it was time.”

Our source says Spears is especially worried about losing her father and has been “isolating” herself aside from spending time with her sons, 13-year-old Sean and 12-year-old Jayden.

“Her father’s illness has frightened her,” the source says. “He has always been her savior and her support system and it doesn’t seem that he is getting better. She has always trusted her father in every way and is finding it difficult to deal with the possibility of losing him.”

“She has had little communication to the outside world and spends most of her time with the staff and kids,” the source continues to claim. “She’s truly isolating herself. She is painfully protective of her children and doesn’t trust anyone with them. She worries constantly about them. The children are doing fine. She loves them so much and tries so hard with them.”

According to the source, Spears’ relationship with her longtime boyfriend, model Sam Asghari, has also been affected.

“She hasn’t felt emotionally available for the relationship,” the source says. “She has been white-knuckling this time just trying to hold it together.”

Last month, a source told ET that Asghari was doing his best to be there for Spears.

“Her boyfriend, Sam, has been there for Britney and her family through this difficult time,” the source said. “After what Britney has been through in her past relationships, it’s taken the family a great deal of time to trust any man, and the family has really taken to Sam.”

Clearly, family is number one for Spears. When the pop star announced her work hiatus, she shared a throwback childhood photo of herself with Jamie, as well as her mother, Lynne, on Instagram, and said while it “broke her heart” to have to put her Vegas show on hold, she had to take time to be with her loved ones.

“It’s important to always put your family first… and that’s the decision I had to make,” she shared. “A couple of months ago, my father was hospitalized and almost died. We’re all so grateful that he came out of it alive, but he still has a long road ahead of him. I had to make the difficult decision to put my full focus and energy on my family at this time. I hope you all can understand.”

Meanwhile, a source told ET in February, “Britney will never regret taking this time off to focus on her father and her family and she’s looking forward to returning to the stage and doing what she loves most.”