Court hearing recap: Britney has a new lawyer + more heart-breaking testimony

A new hearing on Brit’s conservatorship case has just finished and WOW. Brit’s not here to play, she’s done with Jamie, her family and the conservatorship and now she *finally* has a good lawyer to help her.

Many things happened today but the most important is that Judge Penny approved Mathew Rosengart as Britney’s new lawyer and this is the first time since the conservatorship started in 2008 that Britney has a lawyer chosen by herself.

Once again, Britney gave a devastating testimony about the abuse she endured at the hands of Jamie and the conservatorship. Britney told the judge her father is abusive and that she believes the conservatorship team tried to kill her. She told the court: “The only reason they tried to do any of this is because they were trying to kill me,” and that “This conservatorship has allowed my dad to ruin my life.”

She also mentioned the fact that Jamie Spears physically assaulted one of her children: “I want to charge my father with conservatorship abuse after he broke down the door and shook my son“. Britney added that she wants “an investigation on my dad,” and that “I’m here to press charges… I’m angry and I will go there.”

Moreover, Britney confirmed the old rumor that she was promised by Team Con that the conservatorship was going to end after the Circus tour if she did what they told her to do. She said: “During the Circus Tour, I was told if I just be good and follow the rules they will end it.” She told the judge that she took psych tests “against my will” during the tour and was forced to get blood drawn numerous times per week and added“I did it all and they lied…they did nothing. They didn’t end it, and I kept working.”

And last but not least, Mathew Rosengart, Brit’s new lawyer, showed us and everyone that he’s not here to play, he will help Britney and he will file the petition to terminate the conservatorship! He said he will not agree to Jodi Montgomery’s request for security expenses without consulting with Britney, he requested the court to push the fee requests and other petitions aside because “the court needs to focus on what is in Britney’s best interests”.  Mathew will also “question whether Britney really needed a conservatorship.”

He spoke to the press outside court and here’s his statement.



As for Jamie’s side… He and Vivian Lee Thoreen are trying to attack the veracity of Brit’s testimony, they said she’s lying and she also mentioned the word “hysteria”. Yes, in 2021. Un-fucking-believable. The good thing is that she confirmed in court that there has been no finding on Britney’s capacity. So they lied. Britney was never diagnosed to begin with.

A lot of more things happened today. Penny approved Ingham, Loeb & Loeb LLP and Bessemer Trust’s resignations. And there’s even more heart-breaking testimony by Britney so I’m just gonna leave a lot of tweets by fan accounts and I’ll later post a new article posted by Variety.