Conservatorship update: Britney proposes a new conservator!

As we already know, Britney doesn’t want Jaime in charge of her fortune anymore and is currently trying to remove him as her conservator. And now, in a new court filing, she is asking the court to appoint Bessemer Trust Company as the conservator of her estate. With this petition, she is trying to avoid Jaime’s attemp to bring back Andrew Wallett (yeah, the same person who resigned as her conservator last year). This is Britney’s first filing since the conservatorship started in 2008.

The new court docs also claim that this conservatorship is “voluntary” and that Britney “wishes to exercise her right to nominate a conservator of the estate under Probate Code section 1810.” The documents further state that Britney does not have a developmental disability, nor is she a patient in or on leave of absence from a state institution under the jurisdiction of the California Department of State Hospitals or the California Department of Developmental Services.

Also, Lynne Spears also filed a new court documen in which she supports Britney’s decision and also nominates Bessemer Trust Company as the new estate conservator.

Bear in mind that Britney can still request the termination of the conservatorship at any time but, first, she needs to completely remove Jamie as her conservator. If he refuses to let a professional firm (which btw oversees more than $140 billion according to google) manage Britney’s estate,  how is Britney ever going to request the termination of the conservatorship? It’s almost impossible. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to lose control. Baby steps, people.

Now it all depends on Judge Penny’s decision.

You can read the full documents here (britney’s petition) and here (Lynne’s). Thanks to @MeanerThree and @lawyersforbrit on twitter.