Britney’s new fragrance Sunset Fantasy now on sale at Kohl’s!

This is not a joke! Britney’s new fragrance Sunset Fantasy is now on sale at Kohl’s! There were rumors of its release since November when the packaging pictures leaked online alongside a terrible promotional poster and it was true after all.

We know her team loves to scrap things, I hope they scraped the promo poster. But anyway… We have another fragrance!!


Britney Spears Sunset Fantasy transports you to your summer paradise. A place where romantic sunsets fill the iridescent sky and the warmth of the sun’s glow fills you with a vibrant sensuality.

Sunset Fantasy is conceived as a sensual and romantic addition to a collection with a floral-fruity composition on an oriental-woody drydown. It opens with a combination of citruses and fresh apples. The heart is fruity with peach and raspberries, with additional orange blossoms, sandalwood, and warm, sweet notes.

Top notes: ruby red grapefruit, Italian mandarin, sweet apple
Heart: peach, raspberry leaf, orange blossom
Base: Australian sandalwood, vanilla Moheli, amber, steamed milk froth

The fragrance is available as a 100 ml Eau de Toilette.


Edit: Well, scrap what I said… Her team didn’t scrap the leaked promo pic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about this release but the picture is awful! I can do a better photoshop!