Britney’s Interview With Scott Mills

Britney spoke with Scott Mills for the second time this year, and she talked about her performance on the “Apple Music Festival 10”, her new album and much more!

“When I was younger, I could do backflips. I was a gymnast. I could do all kinds of things. I put a back walkover in my show. Actually, last night… I freaked out. I put my hands up and there was the new guy there. Usually, I have my signature guy that helps me with it for the past three years… but there was a new guy. It was his first time to touch my back, and I couldn’t do it. He seemed really confident and strong so I should’ve felt more confident but I was scared.” she said about her failed backflip during the AMF on September 27.

‘My son can do it now – kids are fearless – but it inspires me, because of that I put a back walkover in my show.’ she added.

“I’m into the numbers. I’m very aware of what’s going on. I want to know where [the music’s] mark is.” She said about her performance on the charts.