Britney wants Jamie removed as conservator immediately!

A few days ago, Jamie’s lawyers asked Ingham to clarify if Britney wanted Bessemer to serve as a sole conservator or as a co-conservator alongoside Jamie. Her answer was pretty clear: She wants Bessemer to serve as sole conservator of her estate.

And even “better”: In the same court docs, Ingham asks for the court to suspend Jamies Spears immediately stating Britney and her estate “will suffer loss and injury” if it is not granted. She doesn’t even want him in control of her estate until Besemer’s appointment as sole conservator. That says a LOT.

You can read the full documents here but here are a few key parts of it:

“BRITNEY wishes to have BESSEMER TRUST COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA, N.A. (“BESSEMER TRUST”) serve as sole conservator of her estate on the grounds set forth below.”

“The suggestion that JAMES will hold onto 11 BRITNEY’s assets even after BESSEMER TRUST is appointed gives rise 12 to a very serious concern as to the safety of BRITNEY’s estate.”

The October 28 letter is a blatant attempt by JAMES to retain full functional control of her assets, books and records in the face of BRITNEY’s objections, TRISTAR’s resignation and the appointment of BESSEMER TRUST. His simple litigation strategy is to introduce a new gatekeeper who admittedly has a major working relationship with his legal team. It is now obvious that any effort to create a viable working relationship between and among BRITNEY, BESSEMER TRUST and JAMES would be doomed to failure even without the added stress of litigating BRITNEY’s objections to the Account. Therefore, BRITNEY will be filing a petition to remove JAMES a conservator of the estate,”

“It is therefore necessary and in her best interests that this Court make the following orders pursuant to Probate Code §2654:

a. Suspending JAMES immediately upon the appointment of BESSEMER TRUST as sole conservator of BRITNEY’s estate; and

b. Directing JAMES, TRISTAR and MICHAEL KANE to deliver the entire conservatorship estate together with all books and records forthwith to BESSEMER TRUST as sole conservator of the estate.”