Britney talks about Maui Fantasy with Bustle

Britney talked about Maui Fantasy in a new interview with Bustle. Here’s the full article. Maui Fantasy, a limited edition perfume, will available later this month at Kohl’s for $31.


Although it might not seem like it, Britney is still reigning queen, IMHO. If you don’t believe me, here’s proof: She launched a new product on Monday to remind us that she’s a savvy business woman, fashionista, and a pop culture icon. Britney Spears launched a new fragrance, and it’s a tropical remix of everyone’s favorite scent, Fantasy.

Spears announced the new destination fragrance, Maui Fantasy, on her personal Instagram account. “Say aloha to my new destination fragrance #MauiFantasy!! Coming soon!” she captioned, while holding a round bottle with a hot pink hibiscus flower on the front. This fragrance is Spears’ 19th (!!!) scent in a billion dollar fragrance franchise, so chances are it’s deliciously irresistible. It turns out that Maui is her favorite destination spot for her and her two sons, and she wanted to model the new scent after a relaxing getaway.

“Whenever I have a chance to relax and spend time with my family, we escape to Hawaii,” Spears said. “Maui is one of my favorite islands. I wanted to create a fragrance that gives me the amazing feeling I have while I’m there – surrounded by the ocean and beautiful flowers. Every time I smell Maui Fantasy, it brings me back to a place of happiness and relaxation.”

The scent blends top notes like grapefruit and passion fruit, with floral mid notes and a vanilla and coconut base. It’s definitely sweeter than the originalFantasy fragrance, which has undertones like musk and orris root blended with smells of cupcakes and white chocolate. Plus, this bottle isn’t as swanky as the original fascia Fantasy bottle, dotted with Swarovski crystals. The Maui Fantasy packaging is a little more relaxed, which perfectly matches the vibes and inspiration of the scent.

The fragrance is limited edition, so hardcore fans will have to hurry to get a bottle. Maui Fantasy will available later this month at Kohl’s for $31.