Britney Spears Spotted on Date with Harry Morton

Britney was spotted stepping out for a date with restaurant mogul Harry Morton on Friday night (September 11) in Studio City, Calif.

For those that don’t know, Harry is the grandson of Morton Steakhouse founder Arnie Morton and he once dated Lindsay Lohan back in 2006. You can see photos of him throughout the years in the gallery below. And he is the CEO of the Pink Taco chain located in Las Vegas.



Britney Spears hit the town Friday night with a new man.

Brit was at Iroha Sushi in Studio City with restaurant tycoon Harry Morton.  First date, we’re told, but a date nonetheless. If the Morton name sounds familiar it’s because Harry’s the grandson of Morton Steakhouse founder Arnie Morton.

Harry’s been linked to some of Britney’s contemporaries.  He once dated Lindsay Lohan.  That one didn’t go well.  He claimed she flooded his West Hollywood condo out of revenge.

Harry would be a pretty safe choice for Britney in the money department, because he doesn’t need hers. Harry’s the CEO of The Pink Taco franchise, which has a restaurant at The Hard Rock in Vegas … just down the street from Planet Hollywood, where Britney just signed a $35 million extension.