Britney set to appear in a Pepsi Commercial airing during The Super Bowl

What a year! And it’s only January. In a new interview with BrandChannel, PepsiCo CMO Greg Lyons confirmed that Britney will appear in a new Pepsi commercial airing during the Super Bowl next month. But don’t get too excited about this… It looks like Brit’s only one of the many artists that will appear on it. Moreover, it hasn’t been confirmed wheter it’s old footage from one of Brit’s many adverts for Pepsi or if it’s a new commercial.

Here’s what Greg Lyon said:

Let’s talk about Pepsi returning to the Super Bowl with an update on the iconic Cindy Crawford ad. How did you arrive at bringing Cindy into the spotlight again for the brand?

Greg: Pepsi has been part of the culture for the past 120 years, whether it’s music or sports or celebrity, and so we’re launching a new campaign that we’re going to kick off at the Super Bowl, called Pepsi Generations, and it’s celebrating our history in pop culture with some of the most famous partners we’ve ever had.

So as we announced, Cindy Crawford’s part of it, along with her son Presley, and it will also feature Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Uncle Drew is going to be part of it, so it’s jam-packed with iconic artists that were part of our history and it’s going to end with a look forward at where we’re going as a brand as well.

It’s a full-year campaign with Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero Sugar in the Super Bowl ad and as part of the campaign going forward, and it’s going to be reinforced in-store.

We’re going to launch that iconic 80’s red, white and blue Pepsi cans in-store around the Super Bowl and bring the Pepsi Stuff promotion where you can win really cool Pepsi gear and experiences all year long. It’s just a wonderful, feel-good campaign, getting back to what we’re great at for Pepsi.

Now, Cindy Crawford’s new adv for the Super Bowl is just a remake of her old commercial… So we can imagine that Britney will do the same with one of her famous commercials. That’s not to crazy isn’t it? We don’t know yet but we are already excited, even if it’s a few seconds.

There are even fans who thinks that the seacret project she teased on Instagram back in November is indeed this commercial for Pepsi. They think she’s wearing an overall just like in The Joy of Pepsi commercial.