Britney Regains primary custody of her Children!

Billboard magazine has revealed a major accomplishment for Britney… After all her personal struggles she suffered in 2007, which includes having lost custody of her two children, Britney finally have regained full custody of Preston & Jayden. We do not know whether the guardianship of his father has finished or not, but certainly these are very good news and we are really happy for her.


Meanwhile, Vegas has enabled another kind of comeback for Spears in her personal life. Having weathered public struggles and a string of breakups since her divorce from ex-husband Kevin Federline in 2006, Spears has regained primary custody of sons Jayden James, 8, and Sean Preston, 9, and recently found new romance with boyfriend Charlie Ebersol, 32, son of Olympics producer Dick Ebersol. “Our passion for life is on the same page,” says Spears of Ebersol.

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