Britney’ Conservatorship Terminated After 13 Years: “Best Day Ever”

After 13 years under an abusive conservatorship, Britney Spears is finally free. Earlier today, judge Brenda Penny officially terminated the conservatorship of the person and the Estate and all parties consented the termination. As Britney requested, the conservatorship ended without a mental evaluation.

Additional hearings have been set for December 8 and January 19.

“The court finds and determines that the conservatorship of the person and the Estate of Britney Jean Spears is no longer required,” said Penny during the hearing.

Rosengart said that they (he and Jodi Montgomery’s attorney) had filed a termination plan under seal this past Monday. While details were not disclosed in the court room, Rosengart told the judge that he has put in place a “safety net” on both the personal and financial side of Britney’ affairs. This “safety net” will help Britney throughout this transition period to her full freedom. Let’s keep in mind that Britney was 100% controlled for 13 years, it will surely be overwhelming to be free from all those restraint so it’s a good sing that she aknowledges she will need help.

“We have engaged in an orderly transition of power,” Rosengart explained.

The conservatorship is fully terminated, but accountant John Zabel, who replaced Spears’ father Jamie following his suspension, will have “limited and administrative power” as part of the termination plan.

Zabel’s duties will include power of execution of the Estate trust and power to transfer assets outside of the trust into the trust. In addition to Zabel, the singer’s personal conservator, Montgomery, will also continue working with Spears, as Variety previously reported. Because the termination plan is under seal, the exact details of Montgomery’s working relationship were not revealed but her attorney said, “Ms. Montgomery will stay in her life; Ms. Montgomery will be there for her. Ms. Spears can live a safe, happy, fulfilling life after this conservatorship.”


Rosengart gave a press conference outside court, once the hearing was finished, and he confirmed the termination of the conservatorship and spoke about Lou Taylor, TriStar and even Jamie’s refusal to cooperate in the investigation he and his team are doing. Once again, he made it very clear: “If they have nothing to hide, why are they refusing to cooperate?” What are they hiding?

The good thing is that he said it loud and clear: He will keep investigating Lou Taylor’s involvement in the conservatorship and he will press charges against everyone if Britney requests it.

Shortly after the hearing was over, Britney and Sam posted on instagram about the news. Britney thanked her fans for the support. Here are their posts:


Here is the full video of Rosengart’s press conference outside Court.

Britney, now it’s time to live your live in your own terms, you’re finally free. Enjoy this new chapter of your life and thank you, once again, for being such an inspiration for a lot of people. We love you!!!