Britney and Sam Asghari are getting married today!

TMZ broke the news yesterday and now it’s been (unofficially) confirmed: Britney and Sam are getting married today!

The wedding will be at Britney’s LA mansion and everything’s ready for the big event. According to the media, there will be around 100 guests, including Britney’s brother Bryan. Her mother, father and sister Jamie Lynn were not invited to the wedding. As for  other celebrities, it’s rumored that Gwenyth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Paris Hilton will be present tonight.

As we already know, Britney will wear a wedding dress  designed by Versace.


Britney was also spotted today with Sam and Cade.

This is all we know so far but we cant wait to see more photos from the wedding when Britney decides to post them. Anyway, we wish them the best and all our love for their future!