07/22 court hearing: recap

Let’s try to recap the mess that the latest court hearing was.

On July 13, Britney’s mom filed a request with the Los Angeles County Courts to be included in all decisions made about Brit’s finances, specifically in any ‘special notice’ of ‘all matters’ having to do with Britney’ trust.

Yesterday, a court hearing was scheluded to discuss the conservatorship and, for some reason, they also moved the August 22 hearing (related to Jodi’s role as conservator) to yesteday. Britney was set to appear through video conference (as everyone else due to COVID-19).

But… due to “technical difficulties”, Britney was unable to connect to the hearing *eye roll*, so it was  suspended and delayed until August 19 because the judge wanted to hear Britney before making a decision. There are also rumors of hackers, late arrivals from CPS and even health issues but nothing is confirmed. What is confirmed is that Britney did not attend.

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Oh, and Jamie requested that the rest of the case be locked from public view and the judge granted it…

To be completely honest, and this is my personal opinio, this looks like another attempt from Team B / Team Conservatorship to delay everything until the Free Britney movement is dead. This is the first time, in a loooong time, that the GP is talking about this illegal conservatorship and they clearly dont like it. But it wont happen, so I’m sorry Team B. They can keep reporting fan accounts, suing fans and fansites, blocking/banning the FreeBritney hashtag on every social media platform but we wont stop.


And one last thing… It looks like team B is preparing some damage control because a new interview with Bryan Spears will air today. Yeah… Bryan.

Britney Spears Ended Megyn Kelly Before Megyn Kelly Ended Herself


UPDATE REGARDING THE HEARING: A source confirmed to BreatheHeavy why the hearing was rescheduled:

What actually happened is that four individuals who originally joined the video call with the judge were ordered to exit the call before Britney signed on because the information is confidential. However, they ignored the judge’s requests, likely in an effort to stumble upon sensitive information, and continued to pop in and out of the stream prior to Britney’s virtual arrival. As a result, the judge delayed the hearing as it was imperative to keep what Britney had to say completely private.