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Site update: We are back!

Hello army! How are you? As I told you on twitter a few weeks ago, I had the CRAZIEST, BUSIEST (and sometimes depressing) end of the year so I literally had no time to touch the PC. So while Britney was MIA, I used that time to focus on my university exams, personal problems and more. But I’m finally on vacation so I’ll update the site more often.

Anyway, as you may noiced XRAY was always updated thanks to our amazing team so you can find all the new pictures there (candids, leaked outtakes and even lots of old photos), so don’t forget to check it out.


See you around!

XRAY is back online!

XRAY is back online!

XRAY, Britney’s biggest and most popular fan gallery, is back online! We are very happy to announce that it will now be part of our site so both galleries (ours and XRAY) have been merged. From now on we are going to use XRAY as our main gallery.

Sadly, something went wrong during the moving but we are working non-stop to upload all XRAY missing files. The good news is that while we are working on that, the gallery is already online again.

Don’t forget to update your bookmarks, both for XRAY and for our gallery. The new url is



We have a new design!

Hi Army! Here’s our brand new design featuring the Prerogative perfume promo pics because they are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I love them! I hope you like the desing as much as we do!

We are back!

Hi Army! We’re back!

As I told you on Twitter a few weeks ago, Britney decided to announce her new tour while I was out of town on vacation and with a very bad internet connection, making almost impossible to find time to update the site. Whatsmore, a beautiful lightning burned my modem, so I had to wait for the company to come and change it (another 15 days!). As you can see, I have lots of luck lol.

So, the tickers are now on sale, with lots of problems with the fan club presale, but they are almost sold out! That’s amazing. Now, I’m gonna start updating the site with all the information about the tours, incluiding new dates and also a few others news.

Sorry for not being able to update this on time.


Britney Spears Fan has a new look!

Britney Spears Fan has a new look!

Our main site has a brand new theme featuring on of Brit’s latest photo shoots to promote her residency in Las Vegas, Britney: Piece Of Me. Thank you so much to Lilinane-Visuals and Flaunt for this amazing work. We hope you like it!

Welcome to the new Britney Spears Fan!

Hi everybody!

As you already know, we had to change our website and our domain because our hosting company for years closed its doors yesterday. So welcome to the new version of Britney Spears Fan, under the domain All content of the old page is located here, including almost 50,000 pictures in the gallery.

If you have any problems viewing the page please do not hesitate to contact us to resolve it.

And last but not least, a big thank you to Fan Sites Network for being an amazing host for almost 5 years (Although I adopted the site in 2014) and thank you to Flaunt for hosting us now and for restoring the site.

Thank you!

Britney Spears Icon Archive now online!

Be sure to check our new icon archive. Enjoy!



Welcome to the english version of

We are pleased to introduce the new English version of This site was born in 2007 as a fan site completely in English and after many twists and turns, we are returning to his roots as a way of thanks to all the original followers of the page.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Enjoy your stay!

If you want to be a co-owner and help us with the site, please e-mail us at or fill this form. You NEED to know how to manage WordPress and Coppermine.

Thank you.

Nueva regla en Brit-S.Net: Candids y rumores

Quería tomarme un pequeño post para aclarar algunas reglas importantes que he decidido implementar en la página web a partir de ahora y que creo que vale la pena aclarar.

  • Candids: No subiremos candids que creamos sean irrespetuosos y, en lo posible, que no invadan excesivamente la privacidad de Britney. ¿Que quiere decir eso? Si vemos que en algunos candids a Britney se la ve molesta por la presencia de los paparazzis o algo por el estilo, no las subiremos. Tampoco subiremos fotos de Britney dentro de tiendas, gimnasios, etc. y, de volver a repetirse, no se subirán fotos de Britney tomadas dentro de su casa. Creo que todos recordamos los candids del 2006-2007 en donde Britney pasaba tiempo junto a sus hijos en el jardín y en la intimidad de su casa. Eso claramente es una gran violación a su intimidad y como fans, no las subiremos por respeto a Britney.
  • Otro punto importante con respecto a los candids: No se subirán mas fotos en donde se vea a Sean Preston y Jayden James. Cuando Just Jared se sumó a la iniciativa #NoKidsPolicy Britney le mostró su apoyo y creo que también sería bueno que como fans respetemos eso. ¿Qué significa esto de la #NoKidsPolicy? No se subirán candids bajo ningún motivo en donde estén Preston y Jayden para respetar la privacidad de los niños. Si se subirán fotos de ellos compartidas por Britney en sus redes sociales o de ellos en algún evento público. Como ejemplo de esto está la premiere de Los Pitufos 2, en donde Britney pasó por la red carpet junto a ellos, sabiendo que se sacarían y publicarían miles de fotos de ellos.
  • Rumores: Brit-S.Net será un sitio completamente libre de rumores e inventos que hace la prensa solo para vender. Como saben, día a día se publican rumores y mentiras descabelladas sobre Britney (Ahora por ejemplo está el rumor de que Britney y David terminaron su relación o el que salió hace unas semanas de que Britney había aumentado 15 kgs) y no queremos apoyar ese tipo de artículos y mucho menos llenar nuestra web con ellos.

Esperemos que apoyen estas nuevas reglas en la web y que nos sigan visitando a diario. ¡Muchas gracias!