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Britney at Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation Wild Night At The Zoo Charity Event

Britney Spears visited the campus in Downtown Las Vegas to celebrate her partnership with the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation (NCCF) and Zappos on February 26, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Britney met with children and played with animals from the Roos-n-More Zoo. All funds raised are donated in support of the NCCF.

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Britney Spears to extend Planet Hollywood contract?

Let’s put to rest the rumors about pop princess Britney Spears’ residency of her show “Britney: Piece of Me” at Planet Hollywood. New dates for her fall shows at Axis at Planet Hollywood will be announced shortly, with tickets going on sale early spring.

Her residency definitely continues to the end of this year, marking the successful conclusion of her current two-year contract. Discussions and negotiations are already underway about adding two more years to the pact.

“She’s very comfortable and happy with the Axis showroom at Planet Hollywood and living part time in Las Vegas, so we’re guessing that’s where she’ll want to stay,” I was reliably told.

“You have both parties who want a deal to work for another two years, so it deserves to happen.”

However, the Grammy Award-wining “Toxic” hit singer has to consider other opportunities that have been presented to her while in Las Vegas the past year.

She has a major touring offer to consider in 2016, and incredibly I’ve heard an amazing Wicked Whisper & Racy Rumor that another hotel on the Strip is ready to swoop in and sign her for a new two-year deal if Planet Hollywood negotiations break down.

Meantime, Caesars Entertainment executives are planning to sign Jennifer Lopez for a string of nearly 30 shows to program in and around Britney’s new dates planned for next year. J.Lo would start next January.

From another very reliable source, I am told that her management team and Planet Hollywood have agreed to contract terms. Only performing dates have to be decided upon around Britney’s new deal, and the contract is then ready for signature.

Britney’s four months of dating TV producer Charlie Ebersol is still going strong. At Saturday’s show that I watched, she proudly wore her leather-sequined jacket spelling out “I Love Charlie” for two dance numbers for everybody to see and share.

“At 33, she’s in a very happy place in her life with Charlie,” one of her show colleagues told me. “She’s really the happiest she’s been in a long, long time. He’s 32 and a great guy, and they make a perfect match. We are all — her family, her business colleagues, her cast and crew — personally thrilled that Charlie is in her life.

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Se filtra un adelanto de los ensayos de Britney para los VMA del 2007

El día de hoy se filtraron algunas fotos y un adelanto del video de Britney ensayando para los VMA del 2007, en donde presentó de forma polémica su single Gimme More. Este es el segundo vistazo que tenemos a los ensayos ya que una parte se filtró hace unos años… Pero parece que finalmente pronto se filtrará el video completo. ¡Estén atentos!

vma Vma2 vma3 vma4

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New video leaks: Britney’s VMA 2007 rehearsal

A preview of the rehearsal video and photos of Britney presentation at the MTV VMA 2007 has been leaked today! And even better, it looks like the full rehearsal video will leak soon. Check out below the pictures and the video.

vma Vma2 vma3 vma4