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Britney is one of Billboard’s Greatest Of All Time 200 Artist

Britney ranks at No. 39 of the 200 greatest artists of all time according to Billboard. Congrats, queen!



“Just Love Me” New song title?

Britney is currently working on her new studio album and she tweeted about a new song… Hinting that the song is titled “Just Love Me”? Check out below her tweet. We can’t wait to hear new songs!!!


Video premiere: Tom’s Diner Lyric Video

Here’s the lyric video for Giorgio Moroder feat. Britney Spears “Tom’s Diner”. The single is OUT NOW on iTunes so don’t forget to buy your copy.


Britney finished a new song!

Remember the E! news exclusive we told you before? Well, Britney confirmed to E! that she was working on a new song, which she seems to love, and she hopes to include it on the Las Vegas’ setlist! Amazing, right?! We can’t wait to hear new music!!


Thanks to BG for the pic.

E! News exclusive: Britney Spears Staying in Las Vegas! “I’m Not Ready to Leave”

Following the official announcement of her renewed contract to her Las Vegas residency, Britney was interviewed by E! News and she talks about her decision to stay there. Plus… Tomorrow they will air a new interview of Britney talking about new music! 😀 So be sure to tune into E! News tomorrow night at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.


We haven’t seen the last of Britney Spears in Las Vegas.

The pop princess just announced during her show at The Axis at Planet Hollywood that she has signed a new deal to extend her residency.

Spears, 33, told me exclusively earlier today how excited she is about continuingBritney: Piece of Me.

“I’m not ready to leave Vegas yet! And I just really really love this show and this city,” she said. “I’m so proud of the show, and my band, my dancers and my crew have all become such a family to me. When it came down to me really having to make this decision, I just couldn’t imagine ending my residency at the end of this year.”

And even if you’ve seen the show already, be prepared to book another trip to Sin City because Brit has some new ideas in the works. “I definitely have some major changes planned. I’m getting together with my team this week to go over the set list, design some new costumes and dream up new props,” she said. “There are a few songs that are fan favorites that I really want to add to the show. It’s very exciting! If you haven’t seen the current show yet, you should come out before the end of the year.”

Planet Hollywood offered her a new deal at the end of July, but on Aug. 16 Spears told me that she hadn’t yet made a final decision.

“I’m not really sure,” Spears said at the Teen Choice Awards. “I haven’t made up my mind. I really love doing the show. It’s a lot, a lot of fun, but I’m kind of torn right now. I don’t really know what I want to do.”

Fortunately, she decided to stay. If she hadn’t, her last shows would have taken place over New Year’s weekend.

While rumors started circulating as early as 2011 that she was in talks for a residency, Spears confirmed the news in September 2013 during an appearance onGood Morning America. Piece of Me launched on Dec. 27, 2013.

She celebrated her 100th show last month.

And that’s not all the Britney news we’ve got in store for you! Tune into E! News tomorrow night at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. to find out what she said about releasing some new music! 


Britney Spears Confirms She May Be Leaving Las Vegas

E! Online interviewed Britney today at the TCA and she confirmed she may not renew her residency at The Axis at Planet Hollywood and she also talked about her new music.


Britney Spears‘ reign in Las Vegas could be coming to an end.

I just spoke exclusively to the pop star at the Teen Choice Awards and she confirmed she may not renew her residency at The Axis at Planet Hollywood.

“I’m not really sure,” Spears said. “I haven’t made up my mind. I really love doing the show. It’s a lot, a lot of fun but I’m kind of torn right now. I don’t really know what I want to do.”

If she doesn’t strike a new deal, her last performances of Britney: Piece of Me will take place later this month through October with finals shows happening over New Year’s Weekend. Brit marked her 100th show on Friday night.

As I previously reported, a new contract is currently on the table.

Spears has been in the studio working on new music. “We’re having fun right now,” she said. “I’m working with some women who are amazing writers. I have ballads and, of course, dance music—fun cheeky sexy stuff.”



VEVO uploaded Do Somethin’ Music Video!

FINALLY!! More than 10 years after it’s official release VEVO just uploaded Do Somethin’ Music Video!

Remember that the usage of a Louis Vuitton dashboard in the video resulted in a lawsuit against Jive Records, which ended with Louis Vuitton winning €80,000 in damages. The video was also banned in all European TV channels.

New picture of Britney Spears in the recording studio!

Britney posted this new photo of her with Alex da Kid in the recording studio… NEW MUSIC IS COMING!!



“Pretty Girls” No. 1 on Dance Club Songs!!

Just days after her “feud” with Iggy Azalea about the lack of promotion for Pretty Girls, the latest single went straight to No. 1 on Billboard Dance Club Songs! Congrats girls!!


Britney is working in the recording studio again!!

Yes! Britney was working in the recording studio with song writers and producers Chantal Kreviazuk, Simon Wilcox and Ian Kirkpatrick. We can’t wait to see what is she working on!!!