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Britney’s BBMAs 2016 Performance on Youtube!

Finally! Britney’s Billboard Music Awards performance has been uploaded on her VEVO Channel. Enjoy!


Britney’s new single is delayed due to technical production difficulties

Bad news, B-Army. Britney’s new single “Make Me (Oooh)” is being delayed until summer due to technical production difficulties outside Brit and her management’s control. Brit was supposed to premiere the single during her BBMA’s performance next sunday but that’s not going to happen anymore, so she will only perform a greatest-hits medley. Here’s the full report by Robin Leach.


I have good news that will make Britney Spears’ fiercest fans very happy, but I also have bad news that will get them very upset. As I pleaded a couple of weeks ago, please do not make me your punching bag: I am only the messenger!

As of Monday night, the 2016 Billboard Music Awards rundown for Sunday’s live 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET show has Britney kicking off the three-hour extravaganza hosted by Ludacris and Ciara.

Britney will be in the new T-Mobile Arena to perform a medley of her super hits, but plans for her to debut her newest single, “Make Me (Oooh),” hit a snag over the weekend.

I’m reliably told that technical production difficulties outside Brit and her management’s control have caused a delay in the scheduled release of the video and single until later this summer.

“There’s no point in Britney previewing it so far in advance if we don’t even have a new release date yet,” I was told. “She is like us truly saddened that matters outside our hands have set back the hoped-for schedule.

“We’re told that it’ll now be later in the summer, but we don’t even know exactly when yet until production hiccups are resolved.”

Britney also will be presented with the prestigious Millennium Award during the ABC telecast that also stars fellow Las Vegas headliner Celine Dion and regular Pink.


Britney’s new single“Make Me (Oooh)” to be released on May 23!

According to Robin Leach, Britney will premiere her new single “Make Me (Oooh)” – the lead single from her higly anticipated 9th studio album – during her performance at the Billboard Music Awards on May 22 and the song will be released on iTunes the morning after the awards (May 23). Nothing has been officialy confirmed but, as you may already know, Robin is a reliable source.


In addition to the Millennium Award news, Billboard confirmed our other earlier reports that Britney will sing a medley of her hits and include the premiere of her new single “Make Me (Oooh),” which is the advance single release from her next album. It’s believed that her new releases will go on sale May 23, the morning after the three-hour Billboard Music Awards telecast.


Two new Britney songs have been registered

B9 is coming and now two new songs written by Britney have been registered! The songs are called “Just Like Me” and “Invitation” and both were written by Britney and Nick Monson, Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter.

It is not confirmed that these songs are part of the new album.


Invitation Just like me

Britney’s new single coming out REALLY son!!

According to Jesse Reynolds, who works for radio station 106.9, he had the confirmation from Sony that Britney’s new single will be hitting the radio station within a month. WE CAN’T WAIT!!


Britney’s new single “Make Me (Oooh)” and new album coming out soon!

A few days ago Las Vegas Sun’s Robin Leach confirmed that Britney’s new single is called “Make Me (Oooh)” and she will shoot the music video next monday and… The new album will be coming out a month later (In May)!

Britney’s new single “Make Me (Oooh)” will be added to “Piece of Me” at Axis when the next segment of her residency resumes June 17. A source said that the new single is totally different from Brit’s previous songs and somewhat unexpected.

If you’re asking who’s Robin Leach let me remind you that he confirmed Britney’s Billboard Music Awards performance with Iggy Azalea and her contract extensions with Planet Hollywood. Leach also conducted the interview with Britney about her remixed, reimagined and still iconic show back in February. So he’s a reliable source.

Here’s the full article posted on Las Vegas Sun about the single and the new album.


Fans of pop princess Britney Spears around the world can breathe a collective sigh of relief today that she’s finally decided on her new single. I can reliably confirm that it will be titled, “Make Me (Oooh).”

Britney will shoot the video for her new single next Monday, and both will be released four weeks later when editing is completed. I was told, “The concept for the video is all set.

“The single and the video will thrill fans because it’s all new, totally different and somewhat unexpected. It’s different; it’s a turn. She’s gone from pretty straight-forward pop to a really interesting vibe with a lot of really cool stuff.”

If all goes as planned, Britney’s new ninth studio album will follow one month after the single’s release. Britney has said: “I just know that the direction I’m going in is so good. It’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time.

“I’m just particular with this record — it’s my baby. I’m proud of the work, and it’s very different. It’s not what you would think at all. I’m not rushing anything. I would much rather have it be completely how I want it to be. I just want it to be done right so that my fans will truly appreciate it.”

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Unreleased “Tilt Ya Head Back” demo leaked!

An unreleased demo of Britney Spears singing on Nelly’s ‘Tilt Ya Head Back’ has been leaked today by Gold 905 radio. The song was released in 2004 by Nelly and Christina Aguilera. The radio will post a different part of the song on their FB page later.



mikekasem: Don’t forget to catch the never heard or released to the public version of #britneyspears #TiltYaHeadBack I was in the recording studio with #nelly and Britney when they recorded this. Britney decided not to use it and #christinaaguilera ended up releasing it. But the thing is Britney left it in my car!! 8 am tomorrow we will play it on #LivewithMikeandVernetta @vernettalopez this is gonna be a show to remember tomorrow!


OK #britneyspears #britneysarmy fans I know it's short but here it is!!! Tilt ya head back. #LivewithMikeandVernetta @vernettalopez

Un vídeo publicado por Mike Kasem (@mikekasem) el

Larry Rudolph says that Britney’s new album is 80% done!

Well, this is EXCITING! In a new interview with Las Vegas Sun Larry Rudolph said that Britney’s new album is 80% done and this album is her favorite album that she has ever done.

He also confirms that Britney is meeting with The Weeknd to work on the album and that she has done “a lot of writing on the album”. According to him people will absolutely love it and she sounds amazing on it. The new album is not titled yet because it isn’t finished.

And talking about taking the Piece Of Me show overseas, he said that now there isn’t territorial restrictions on Brit’s contract with PH and that Britney will like to do festivals to promote the album and the residency, like the Rock In Rio. They MIGHT consider doing some international performances (He mentions Asia and Europe) but nothing is concrete at all.

At least for now, her last Piece Of Me show in Vegas is on December 31st, 2017.

Listen the full interview here.




Britney Spears talks revamped ‘Piece of Me’ at Axis and new music comin very soon!

Robin Leach’s new interview with Britney is finally here! She talks about new Piece of Me changes, she confirms that new music is coming very soon and mentions how she misses touring and gives some hope to the fans who can’t travel to Las Vegas to see the show.

Robin also confirmed that two of her songs added to the new show are “Breathe on Me,” which leads into “Touch of My Hand.

Read out the interview below:


There’s no question that pop princess Britney Spears changed the pop-music dynamic on the Strip with her “Britney: Piece of Me” resident show at Axis at Planet Hollywood.

It’s been a blockbuster success since its Dec. 27, 2013, premiere. Fans have flocked to the show, and before its second anniversary, Britney extended her contract two years through 2017.

Her residency single-handedly triggered additional pop shows, with Jennifer Lopez and the upcoming Lionel Richie at Axis, along with Mariah Carey at Caesars Palace and Rascal Flatts at the Hard Rock hotel.

Many more are to come, I’m told!

Fans, other superstars, Caesars Entertainment execs and critics have raved about Britney’s spectacular with its staging, artistic effects and her adventurous onstage stunts of flying like an angel and swinging out over the audience from a jungle tree, plus the razzle-dazzle dance routines.

My review was posted Dec. 28, 2013. Britney has made herself a valuable member of our community and in October donated $120,000 to Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation in her partnership with the organization.

We’ll be back Monday with a report on the new look that Britney has given “Britney: Piece of Me” that she began working on in December. Meantime, she answered questions via email for Vegas DeLuxe:

Are you excited for the new look to “Piece of Me”? Tell me what we should expect.

Definitely excited! I’ve added a few fan-favorite songs into the show, changed up the intro and had fabulous new costumes designed for each act. I also put together an amazing dance break to three of my favorite Missy Elliot songs. And we have lasers now. I love the look of the lasers.

Why did you want to change it up, and what’s it like working with Baz Halpin?

I’m constantly getting hit up by fans asking me to add this song or that song, and I thought it would be a great idea after two years to give everyone a little something different. I love working with Baz Halpin — he really listens to me and understands how to make my vision come to life.

How long did it take to give it the new look from thoughts on paper to working out the routines and onto rehearsals?

The intention wasn’t to completely revamp the show — there are so many parts of the original show that I love and didn’t want to change — but it’s still a long process, maybe three months or so.

Starting with concepts and ideas to creative meetings about the setlist and new visuals, getting new mixes of music, creating choreography, then going into weeks of dance rehearsals and finally putting all of the production together. It’s a lot of moving parts. It makes me tired just thinking about it all! LOL.
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Happy 17th Anniversary “…Baby One More Time”!

On January 12, 1999 – 17 years ago – Britney’s debut album “…Baby One More Time” was released, beginning with the iconic career of the Princess of Pop. This is where it all began. If you have not bought your copy, be sure to visit your local store or buy the standard version and / or the deluxe version on iTunes.

Five singles came from the album: “…Baby One More Time”, “Sometimes”, “(You Drive Me) Crazy”, “Born To Make You Happy” and “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart”. The lead single, BOMT, became a worldwide success and one of the best-selling singles of all time, at over ten million copies.

… Baby One More Time is Britney’s most successful album, selling over 30 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time and the best-selling album by a teenage solo artist.



17 years ago we are still in love with this album and it’s still a success, considered one of the most iconic albums of history. Stream it now on Spotify and watch the official videos on VEVO to celebrate the anniversary.